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Pre School Gymnastics 

What are the benefits of Pre School gymnastics?
The world of Preschool gymnastics exposes your child to more than just physical agility!
Participating in a class environment at an early age is crucial to helping a child adapt to a school setting.
Gymnastics participation is no different.
They will learn social skills like listening while getting instructions and then putting into practice what they have been told. They will learn to consider others, take turns and work in a group!
Learning a new skill helps to show a child that success requires repetition. The joy of mastering a skill after multiple repetitions is the ultimate benefit in helping a child gain the confidence needed to succeed.
Participating in gymnastics will help your child improve their motor skills, co-ordination, balance, strength, and agility. And, they will have a ton of fun doing it! 
Children naturally want to move and to challenge themselves as they explore, develop, and master physical abilities. So let them move with us in a space that is created just for that purpose! In our pre-school classes they get to climb, run, jump, swing, and roll to their hearts delight as they gain the basic foundational skills for gymnastics. 



Parent and Child Drop in class -  0 to 5 years

Parent and Child  - Toddler to 4 years

Play Gym –  Toddler to Kindergarten. 
A ‘drop in’  class and social time for parent and child
PlayGym is like a gymnastic playgroup! A place for grown ups to meet other grown ups and where our gym becomes your child’s playground.
Your child is free to roam, jump and play under the watchful eye of their grown up!

PlayGym is a chance for little ones to run off some energy and explore their body’s capabilities in a safe environment.    
90 minute class, $5 drop in Siblings $2.50

Kindergym  - Parented 18mths – 4 yrs
This is a more structured class than PlayGym but still parent assisted.

A coach will lead a short warm up and explain and assist the skill stations that have been set up for the class.
The child is encouraged to participate in the skill circuits as many times as desired but also free to enjoy the other junior equipment and play stations. Some parts of the gym are off limits to Kindergym.
A group cool down will bring the class to a close usually with a parachute game or activity song
50 minute class,


4 - 6 years (by selection)


4  - 6 years

Gymmies  - Unparented 4 – 6yrs
(Pre school and Kindergarten years)

If your child is confident enough to participate in an unparented class then Gymmies is the next step!

This class is coach directed and starts with a fun group warm up, usually to music and will often use hand apparatus such as beanbags and tap sticks.

After the warm up, the children will move around skill circuits, jumping, rolling and swinging and learning basic foundation skills like cartwheels and handstands.

60 min class,

Starlets – 4-6yrs  -  Developmental gymnastics
for Girls that show aptitude and dynamic ability. 
Starlets is our basic level developmental program which includes 5 disciplines – Bars, Beam, Floor and Vault and trampoline.
Starlets are provided with a challenging disciplined environment to further build their abilities with other gymnasts who share similar potential and desire.
We teach, develop and perfect basic, fundamental gymnastic skills to serve as a firm foundation on which to build.  We aim to deliver and maintain a balance of seriousness and fun, and the entire experience will be extremely enjoyable for children who are passionate about the sport!

90 min class, 
 Twice a week practice


4 - 6  Years

Tiny Tumblers - Unparented 4 – 6yrs
(Pre school and Kindergarten years)
If your child is looking to develop tumbling skills for Gymnastics, Acro or Cheer, then this is the perfect class!
This class is coach directed and starts with a fun group warm up.
After the warm up, the children will move around skill circuits, developing strong form in their basic foundation skills like cartwheels and handstands and round offs.
60 min class,