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 64062 (BAYS 20-24) - 393 AVENUE  E, OKOTOKS, AB T1S 0L1
Next door to Big Rock Bouldering!

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Developmental and Competitve groups are by tryout only and strict pre requisites apply.

Younger developmental gymnasts will have opportunity to perform in home and invitational competitions until they are ready to compete on the Provincial circuit.

Discipline and commitment is required to be a competitive gymnast but at GymStars we believe that gymnastics should still be enjoyable at the competitive level. We encourage and motivate our girls to reach their own potential in a safe, caring environment.


4 - 6 years (by selection)


6 - 8 years  (by selection)

 Developmental Gymnastics
for young girls that show aptitude and dynamic ability. 
Starlets is our basic level developmental program which includes 5 disciplines – Bars, Beam, Floor and Vault and trampoline.
Starlets are provided with a challenging disciplined environment to further build their abilities with other gymnasts who share similar potential and desire.
We teach, develop and perfect basic, fundamental gymnastic skills to serve as a firm foundation on which to build.  We aim to deliver and maintain a balance of seriousness and fun, and the entire experience will be extremely enjoyable for children who are passionate about the sport!
 Developmental Gymnastics.
Club and Invitational Competitions 

For Girls that have progressed in skills, flexibility and strength, have the ability to learn quickly and make corrections, demonstrate dynamic ability and show good form and artistry. 
  Selected girls will focus on developing skills and routines and will participate in Club and Invitational competitions. 
Girls in this group will work through JO level 1-4 skills but not necessarily compete in official JO competions. Our focus will be on gaining experience in Invitational competitions, preparing physically and developing preps and skills ready for selection into the Competitive program 



  (by strict selection)

For entry into the Developmental Program, girls must have the pre requisite skills for JO levels 4 & 5.

Competitive Team must  have pre requisite skills for J0 6 and above.

Dedication and commitment is required along with good form and finesse,
a good attitude, work ethic and motivation! :)