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GymStars Coaches

Coach Karen Sim Salter Competitive Coach

Coach Calina Hosu​
Competitive Coach

​   ​​
A former competitive artistic gymnast at county and regional level and Nordic Team Gym gymnast at National level.
Two Danish National Team titles in Team Gym and Rhythmic Grand Prix 1990 &1991
Scottish Masters title in Artistic Gymnastics 2000

 28 years of experience in coaching, managing and directing gymnastic programs. Specializing in the early development and selection of elite gymnasts but teaching many disciplines from Pre School Recreational to Competitive.
 Owned a successful gymnastic facility in England for 10 years prior to moving to Canada.
Since moving to Canada has coached in the Women’s Competitive Program at Calgary Gymnastics Centre, one of the most prestigious gyms in Canada.  
Responsibilities included directing a program for the selection and development of young pre competitive athletes for National level Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, working in a team with some of Canada’s top National and Olympic coaches. 

Is passionate about the sport of gymnastics and the benefits it brings to children and young people.

   British Gymnastics certifications
 - Women’s Artistic Gymnastics - level 4 senior Club Coach
 - Club Management
 - Team Gym – Level 3 Club coach
 - Trampoline Club Coach
 -  Pre-School Gymnastics Club coach

   Sports Coach UK Certifications
 - Good Practice and Child Protection
 - Injury prevention and Management
 - Coaching Children and Young People
 - Time to Listen

   National Coaching Foundation (UK)
 - Developing Flexibility
 - Developing Endurance

  Alberta Gymnastics      
  - Active start              
  - Risk Management - Respect in Sport
  - Making Ethical Decisions
  - Alberta Gymnastic Federation Congress
  - Registered member of Alberta Gymnastics Federation
 - First Aid at Work
 - Fire Safety Seminar
 - Red Cross First Aid
A former Romanian National Team gymnast and team mate with Nadia Comaneci, Calina has extensive experience in gymnastics.  

Technical knowledge of high level skills on all 4 events.
Skilled in artistry of jumps, leaps, turns.
Analyze, combine and apply the correct methods of teaching for each individual athlete.

Knowledge of Junior Olympic Program and FIG.
Ability to spot all events.

Represented as a coach to the teams of NB, ONT & BC at Nationals, Westerns and international competitions.
Coached many national and elite gymnasts in Canada and USA.
Trained and prepared gymnasts for their scholarship to prestigious Colleges in USA.
Achieved several choreography awards for Beam and Floor.
Worked in several movie productions
Choreographed gymnastics shows and displays

  Romanian Gymnastics Certifications 
- Art School of Tirgu-Mures City, Romania -Dance Diploma
- Physical Education Institute of Bucharest

- Romania - Coaching Training School

   Gymnastics Canada Certifications 
- NCCP level 3/4 Gymnastics - Canada
- NCCP level 1 Trampoline – Canada
- York University Dance Faculty, Toronto, Ontario.
- Making Ethical Decisions, Canada

   Alberta Gymnastics
- Risk Management - Respect in Sport
- Registered member of Alberta Gymnastics​ Federation

- First Aid Course, AB
- Safety Certification USA
- Professional member of Gymnastics USA

Coach Olga Krylova
Rising Stars, Novice, InterClub
& Tumbling Coach

Coach Mara Coles 
 Pre School  Program Coordinator & Recreational Coach

Olga is a former National gymnast from Russia who competed and won several national level competitions.

She was awarded a 'Master of Sports' Certificate from the Russian Gymnastics Federation.

Olga has 12 years experience as a gymnast has been involved with coaching and teaching children since 2002.
She has a masters degree in teaching from Bashkir State University, Ufa, Russia. She specialized in teaching Geology and Geography. 

            Since moving to Canada, Olga has coached at gyms in BC and Ontario and we are very happy to have her on our coaching team at GymStars.

Olga teaches our Competitive, Developmental, Rising Stars as well as Novice, InterClub and Tumbling

Russian Gymnastics Federation
 - Master of Sport

 - Respect In Sport
 - Making Ethical Decisions
 - Gymnastics Foundations (Intro, Artistic & Theory)
 - Foundations Trampoline
 - Level 2 Women’s Artistic 

 - First Aid

Mara has been involved with coaching and teaching children and youth in various disciplines for over 15 years. Specializing in preschool gymnastics, she began her gymnastics career at the Calgary Gymnastics Centre in 2009 as a coach and eventually Program Coordinator.

            She has a passion for early childhood development and connecting with families to develop the youngest of athletes in both mind and body.

She strives to instill a love of movement and exploration in all of her classes while focusing on the individual as a whole.
            Personable and passionate with extensive leadership, teamwork, and facilitation capabilities.

Her strong interdisciplinary background (gymnastics coach, YogaKids teacher, recreational leader, English language teacher, equestrian coach) provides a rich knowledge of the practice of coaching/teaching, psychology of sport, and physical literacy.

Mara is looking forward to working with the littles and their grown-ups to instill a love of gymnastics and being active for life!

 - Respect In Sport
 - Making Ethical Decisions
 - Certified Active Start Coach
 - Certified Artistic Gymnastics Coach Level 1
 - Level 2 Women’s Artistic Trained
 - Level 2 & 3 Theory

 - Yoga Kids Instructor

 - Standard First Aid/Level C CPR/AED & Standard Child

 - Care First Aid/Level B CPR/AED
 - Communicating Effectively, SAIT

Coach Dallas Wing
Developmental, Rising Stars  & InterClub Club

Coach Natasha Reynolds
Performance Team Co-ordinator  & InterClub Club

Natasha is a former competitive gymnast who is a fun member of our coaching team, working with our Intermediate, InterClub and Developmental girls.

Natasha brings enthusiam and 6 years coaching experience in programs including, Pre-School, KinderGym, Recreational, T&T, InterClub and Competitive
In 2013 Natasha was awarded The Exceptional Recreational Athlete award from Alberta Gymnastics Federation.

As well as her love of gymnastics, Natasha's other interests include competing in CrossFit and Weightlifting.

She is currently in the process of getting her EMT degree


 - Respect In Sport

 - Risk Management
 - Making Ethical Decisions

 - Active Start Certified
 - WAG level 1certified
 - WAG level 2 certified
 - Trampoline level 1 Certified
 - Air level 2 Certified
 - Attended Rhythmic Gymnastics Course

Coach McKenzie Osberg
  Recreational , Novice and InterClub &
Performance Team

Coach Breeann Podesky 
  Pre School, Recreational Coach, Novice & InterClub Coach

McKenzie has been in competitive stream gymnastics,
tumbling and cheerleading from an early age and is now enjoying passing on her knowledge to our recreational, novice and pre comp girls.
This coming season Kenzie will also be coaching in our Interclub program.

Kenzie is a confident, kind and keen member of our coaching team and has a very natural ability in spotting and handling the gymnasts.


 - Respect In Sport
 - Risk Management
 - Making Ethical Decisions
 - Gymastic Foundations
 - WAG level 1trained

- First Aid Course, AB

Breeann has been involved in gymnastics since the age of eight, and was a competitive gymnast for 6 years.

She placed 1st AA in JO 6 at Provincials in 2016.

Breeann has experience in coaching many diferent gymnastic programs including Recreational, KinderGym and T&T classes. She is a trained Trampoline coach,  Active Start coach and also trained in coaching children with disabilities in sports.
She also completed 50 hours of volunteer coaching as a CIT.

Breeann is trained in coaching competitive gymnastics  and will be joining our novice and InterClub program in the Fall.

Besides Gymnastics, Beeanne also enjoys photograhpy and computer design.


 - Respect In Sport
 - Making Ethical Decisions
 -  Active Start Coach
 - Level 1 Artistic Gymnastics Competitive Coach 
 - Foundations Trampoline
 - Level 1 Gymnastic Foundations

 - Special Olympics Coaching Coarse

 - Red Cross First Aid and CPR 


Coach Joshua Sim
  Recreational  Coach

Josh is a keen and motivated member of our recreational coaching team.
He enjoys working with children and is enhusiastic to develop his coaching skills.

Outside of the gym his interest and skills in Media and filming have taken him to National Competition to represent Alberta at Skills Canada
We are lucky to be able to benefit from his talents in our marketing for the gym.


 - Respect In Sport

 - Risk Management
 - Making Ethical Decisions

 - Gymastic Foundations
 - WAG level 1trained

- First Aid Course, AB